Brian saved my laptop!  And saved me hours of work to restore everything that could have been lost… And I must add that for coming to my home twice  — on a weekend no less — his rates were more than fair
Ann Maria Alello

My Mac was running extremely slow – pretty much useable. Brian determined that my hard drive was essentially full, and installed a new, solid state drive overnight, and my business was up and running the next day. Richard Austin, Speaking of Success, LLC, Warwick, RI

comuter-repairThe Computer RX Difference
An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.

At Computer Rx, we’ll set up a backup program that’s customized to you. Cloud backup, on-site hard drive backup, off-site hard drive backup. The convenient backup system we set up for you, will match your usage needs, your business and security requirements. It won’t break your budget and it will keep you protected without creating extra work for you.

We recommend external hard drive backup, as well as cloud-based because an external hard drive can save a true mirror-image of your system, while cloud-based backup will only preserve the data itself.  A mirror-image backup will allow us to get you back up and running with all your software, programs, passwords, etc. in place and ready to go.

When the worst happens…

Even when your computer fails, ComputerRx’s data recovery experts can usually recover most if not all of the data that’s on it. Motherboard, video card, power supply and hard drive failures will lock you out of your important data, ComputerRx will diagnose your problem and offer a cost-effective way to recover your information, and usually keep your existing computer running AND make it much faster. A consistent backup program is still the best way to protect your personal and business files, but even data that’s not backed up can usually be saved.

Computer-RX is trained in all major brands and models, including Apple Macintosh, Asus, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Lenovo and Dell.

Oh My God, My Data’s Gone

Research shows that in the first year of use, hard drives have a crash (failure) rate of 5.1%. 

After 3 years, the failure rate increases dramatically to 11.8%. 

After 5 years, your crash potential jumps up to 50%.

It will happen, You just don’t know when.