Brian repaired my desktop, which was very slow because of malware in only one day. Then he repaired my husband’s laptop, which needed a new hard drive. When we had problems with our internet connection, he came  to our home and made sure it worked. He was fast, reliable and went out of his way to fix everything in good time.
Belen Atlenza

The Computer RX Difference

Desktop Repairs and Upgrades

Your desktop computer is the work-horse for your business. Laptops offer portability, of course, but don’t offer the speed storage and customability of desktops.

A typical desktop computer, whether purchased at retail or custom-built by Brian, has many advantages over your average laptop, including:

  • More powerful graphics cards
  • Much more memory – a typical lap-top usually has a maximum memory of 16GB. Desktop units can easily accommodate 128 GB (or more).
  • A capacity for multiple disks, which can be clustered together for speed and data security. Most laptops have just one.
  • The ability to hook up multiple displays (a laptop can typically only have a maximum of 2 displays.

The power and affordability of desktop desktop computers make it an essential tool for professional environments.

If your desktop is slowing down or your hard drive is filling up, ComputerRx can evaluate your computer’s performance and choose a cost-effective upgrade for your desktop’s performance that will save you money over a new computer and renew the power and speed of you existing system.

If your desktop computer has crashed, don’t despair. ComputerRx can replace the part that failed for much less than replacing the whole system and get back up and running without having to migrate all your files and programs to a new computer, saving you money and especially time.

Desktop Crashed or Just Running Slow?

When your desktop runs into problems, either through malware intrusions, age, or damage, ComputerRx can fix it for less than the “big box” stores. Whether your monitor has failed, your hard drive is full (or crashed), your keyboard is acting up, your CD drive isn’t working, your memory is full,  or your cooling fan has stopped cooling, ComputerRx can help.

Just because your desktop computer needs repair, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to purchase an expensive replacement. Give Computer RX a call. We’ll save you money.