My laptop was not working properly and I had taken it into a “big box” office supply store for diagnosis.  They did not perform the diagnosis; merely tried to sell me a new computer. I retrieved my computer and brought it to Brian.  He immediately examined the computer to find that the problem was not any of the issues claimed by the office supply store.  It was merely a $20 part which had failed and he replaced it with one he had on hand.  I had him do some upgrade and general maintenance while he had my machine open. In this high tech world, it is easy to get cheated when you do not have a high tech education.  I am so thankful for honest people with his skills and knowledge.
David Stern, Pawtucket, RI

The Computer RX Difference

Laptops cost real money. Over the lifetime of your laptop, new technology, normal wear and tear and catastrophes like drops, viruses and hardware failures make your old laptop run slow or even crash. But before you run off to the store with your credit card, let Brian look at it. With Brian’s know how and some cheap parts you can turn your old work horse into a rocket ship.

The upgrades that Brian can install include new operating systems, larger and faster hard drives, installation of the latest software, as well as increased memory to allow your computer to use these upgrades and operate at peak efficiency.

Even the most reliable computers sometimes require repair due to damage, malware or normal maintenance issues. Computer-RX can replace and/or repair hard drives (as well as data recovery), keyboards, cooling fans, touch pad and CD replacement, and most other hardware issues.

They can also address system problems including software upgrades, malware issues, freezing or crashing, connectivity issues, as well as slow-running computers and a host of other glitches or problems.

Computer-RX supports all major brands and models, including Apple, Asus, HP, Lenovo and Dell.

Why is My Laptop So Slow?

Malware invasions, age, and physical damage can turn your laptop into a tortoise or even a dead tortoise. If your screen fails; if your hard drive is full (or worse crashed), if your keyboard or touch pad acts up, if your CD drive stops working or your fan stops cooling, Brian can get bring you back to life and make your laptop run like a rabbit. And usually, even if your hard drive crashes, get your info back.

Just because your current device looks like it died or just seems too slow, you don’t necessarily you need to spend big bucks to replace it. Give Computer-RX a call. A little TLC, a lot of expertise and some inexpensive parts can save you a wallet full of money.