Malware invaded my computer, which Brian removed as well as cleaning out years of dust and installing a program that detects malware . He picked up the computer, delivered it back, hooked it up again and then checked to make sure everything was working well. It couldn’t have gone better, less than 24 hours from calling Brian to his returning with the freshly scrubbed computer. He was punctual, professional and cheerful, even under my barrage of stunningly ignorant questions. It’s such a relief to have a resource like Computer Rx nearby.
Sandra Jacobi, North Providence, RI

Brian spent a Friday evening and Saturday morning working on the issues (malware and software upgrades). I was extremely pleased with how quickly he was able to repair my laptop and that he could work on it remotely.  Thus saving downtime for my business.
I felt very comfortable with the remote usage as I could see what he was doing on my computer.  Brian was very good about explaining what was happening and why.  I learned a lot and Brian will be the only person I will call for computer help.
Shella Cooley – Esq., East Greenwich, RI

The Computer RX Difference

At ComputerRX we provide the most stalwart defenses available to protect your computer. We do this by:

  • Installing the most trusted antivirus and antispyware programs available
  • Updating your software regularly – this can be accomplished remotely
  • Insure that your network router is pass-word protected
  • Insure that firewalls are in place on every computer you have
  • Help you create strong passwords
  • For home computers, we help you set up proper parental controls
  • Provide strategies to help you keep your computer secure and safe

Should you already be infected with malware, we can help. We run multiple tools to find and eradicate the infections. The process can take anywhere from one hour (for a minor infection), up to 24 hours for a severe infection.

We use remove access for most malware removal procedures. It saves you time, money and gets you back up and running without the hassle of waiting for a technician.

In severe cases we need to bring the hard drive into our facility for removal and cleaning where we can remove the infected drive and run removal scans from another “clean” computer.

An Ounce of Prevention or a Pound of Cure

  • There are 2.7 billion uses on the web every day
  • There are 700 million websites (and growing 10% annually)
  • Nearly 1 million new pieces of malware are released daily

Expects believe that nearly one-third of the world’s computers could be infected with malware.

Telltale signs of malware of virus infection

  • Your web browser freezes or becomes unresponsive
  • You get redirected to web pages other than the ones you are trying to visit
  • You are bombarded with pop-up messages
  • Your computer is running slower than usual
  • You see new icons on your desktop that you don’t recognize