Brian is, in a word, awesome. I got a quote from the “big guys” that was more than twice what Brian charged me. Brian built me a new server for my small business as well as a PC, connected 8 workstations and 9 users to the new server and joined them all to the new domain, set up printer and shared files, transferred all of the data and programs from the old server and workstations to new machines.  I’ll never use another tech service or buy a computer from anyone else again. Whether it’s for your personal computer use or a small business, Brian from Computer RX is who you should be using to service your tech needs.

The Computer RX Difference

Your business relies on network to maintain your competitive advantage. Network stability is a critical asset for any company and an important component of your continued success.

RIcomputerx provides the network support services you need to remain up and running at all times.

We keep your network running efficiently and keep your data safe with onsite and remote backups and we keep the bad guys out.

  • If you do have a problem, our onsite or remote repair services get you back up and running as soon as possible
  • We inspect and optimize your network to prevent issues and avoid costly and prolonged networkk downtime.
  • We make sure all of your workstations are compatible with your network and printing resources
  • We keep your servers and workstations update with the latest security patches and updates.
  • We make sure you have current antivirus, malware and anti-spyware protection.

Slow Network = Slow Business

Research shows that 73% of problems are identified by the end users. This means that 3 out of 4 problems are being experienced by your clients. Rapid response is critical because, again, studies show that 90% of the time it takes to resolve a problem is spent just finding where the problem lies.

Streaming and video conferencing account for over 50% of network traffic in today’s business environment. We can advice you on the establishment of appropriate protocols to ensure efficient use of your network for these applications to get the most out of your available bandwidth.

On average, companies lose about 14% productivity just from poor performance due to network problems. This is especially harmful when it impacts mission  critical applications.